DentPro | Wheel Repairs
DentPro | Wheel Repairs
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Wheel Repairs

DentPro Wheel Repairs

Bring your Alloy Wheels back to New


Diamond Cut

Diamond cut alloys are two toned in colour and the face of the alloy looks similar to the back of a cd


The process in brief


  • The old coating is stripped off
  • Wheels are heated to 200°C to remove any gas build up in the alloy
  • Wheels are electrostatically powder primed and partially over cured,
  • Wheels are based coated (this is the colour stage) – the wheels are placed into the CNC machine. Using specialist tools we remove the base coat and powder primer from the face of the alloy wheel, at the same time achieving a machined finished similar to the back of a CD,
  • Alloy wheels are electrostatically powder lacquered in a high gloss acrylic powder and given a final bake at 165°C for 25 minutes


Powder Coating

Powder coating is a single colour on the entire Alloy.


The process in brief


  • Old coating is completely stripped off and we remove any scratches or damage from the alloys.
  • Wheels are then heated to 200°C to release any gas build-up in the alloy
  • We apply a powder primer electrostatically. This ensures an even coat on the intricate areas of the alloy
  • Wheels are then partially oven cured
  • We then apply a base coat (this is the colour stage)
  • Finally, the alloys are electrostatically coated in a high gloss acrylic powder lacquer and returned to the oven for the final bake at 170°C for 25 minutes


Smart Repair Service

Smart repair stands for “Small to medium area repair techniques” it includes cosmetic repair techniques that provide cost effective, quick and environmental friendly repairs to Alloys


The process in brief


  • Smart repair vehicle arrives to your facility
  • Wheels are removed from the car
  • We break the bead to expose the wheel rim
  • Wheels are prepped, removing any scratches or damage
  • Wheels are primed and flattened, the base coat is applied (this is the colour stage)

Wheels are then finished in a high gloss lacquer and cured under UV lamps for 20 minutes


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