DentPro | Faq
DentPro | Faq
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DentPro ® Revolution ?

DentPro Revolution is a membership plan that allows our customers and members to avail of our services at greatly reduced rates whenever they damage their vehicle. Each plan is allocated a number of points each month, which can be used at the discretion of our members against any of our services.

What can I get done as part of my DentPro® Revolution membership ?

As a member of DentPro® Revolution you can avail of any of our listed services throughout you membership. You simply use your allocated points on whatever service you require.

How long is DentPro® Revolution membership ?

DentPro Revolution membership is for a minimum of 12 months but can be extended each year with bonus points awarded for each rollover year.

Why should I choose DentPro® Revolution ?

There are many reasons to become a member and the benefits are significant. Peace of mind, reduced costs, no more large unplanned expenses when damage does happen, easy maintenance and convenience are all but a few of the many benefits. Now with the introduction of PCP car finance, many PCP owners are finding out the cost of repairs to vehicles when returned to the dealer at the end of the finance period is becoming very expensive and eats away at any equity in the vehicle. As a member of Revolution you know you will never have to worry about these costs.

As a member of DentPro® Revolution how do I use my points ?

Depending on what plan you are on and how many points you are allocated, you are issued your points every month from the start date of your membership. For example, if you choose Revolution Freedom with 120 points, you will be allocated 10 points every month for the period of your 12 months membership.

When can I start using my DentPro® Revolution points ?

This depends on the age of your vehicle at the start of your membership, members must wait a minimum of 3 months for new vehicles and up to 6 months for vehicles over 5 yrs old. You are allocated points each month, so if you are on Revolution Freedom and a car under a year old you will have 30 points accumulated and ready to use after 3 months access to Revolution Unlimited.

If I do not use my DentPro® Revolution points in a year do I loose them ?

Not if you continue your membership. You will cease accruing points when you reach your plans target level but you can rollover your points and continue without having to start at at zero points in the new year. Plus we’ll add up to 10% of your target points as a thank-you for staying with us!  Also you can continue to use your points immediately you will have already served the waiting period on that vehicle. With DentPro revolution you don’t have to start all over again,

Do I get a bonus for renewing my DentPro® Revolution subscription ?

Yes! As a member of DentPro® Revolution you receive a 10% bonus on your remaining points (up to a maximum of your normal target points) every year  you renew your subscription which can be rolled over into subsequent years. For instance, if you are a member of Revolution Freedom with 120 points, you could receive 12 extra points each year you renew your policy up to a maxium of 5 years.

Do I get access to new products or services as they are added to DentPro® Revolution?

Yes of course, we are constantly adding products and services to our portfolio. Once they are added we simply allocate a points value to them and our members can use them straight away.

If I damage someone else’s vehicle can I use my DentPro® Revolution points to repair it ?

Although it is not possible to share a Revolution membership. If you hold Revolution Freedom or Infinity membership for 1 year or more and subject to a transfer fee, you may use your available points to put towards repairs to one other vehicle in any single calendar year.

How long is DentPro® Revolution membership ?

DentPro Revolution membership is a for a minimum of 12 months but can be extended each year with bonus points awarded for each rollover year.

DentPro® Revolution Unlimited does not have a points system, how can I use it ?

Although Revolution Unlimited does not have any points attached, after your grace period has elapsed we allow 1 dent for every month of membership and up to a maxium of 10 in any calendar year which is covered under our fair usage policy.

What is Paintless Dent Repair?

Paintless dent repair is a process which returns a car to “pre-dent” condition without using fillers or requiring a re-spray.

How do you remove the Dents?

DentPro ® uses special tools to get in behind the dent and massage the metal back to its original position. Our technicians can access almost any part on your car. The technology use specific tool to massage the metal back into shape from behind the panel where access is available . Where access is not available we remove the dents from outside using glue pulling systems. We do not use drills to create holes in panels to access dents.

What Are Your Opening Times ?

We open from 8:30am-5:30pm Monday – Friday and from 10am – 1pm Saturday – Closed Sunday

Are your technicians certified and insured?

Our technicians undergo an 6 month intensive hands on training course that teaches them how to repair dents and dings the “DentPro Way”. Each technician undergoes an ongoing certification which lasts 3 years and are fully insured with AXA Insurance.

How much does an average service cost, both paintless dent repair and colors?

The average retail dent service in traditional garages with work done in a body shop which includes filling and spraying is normally 80% more expensive that DentPro. Our prices start from €50 for our express dent service.

Is Paintless Dent Repair an accepted alternative by the Insurance industry?

Yes! Paintless Dent Repair is not only accepted by the Insurance industry but encouraged as it is much cheaper, faster and less intrusive than traditional methods. The technology allows for the vehicles to keep the original factory paint intact without having to respray it. Respraying a vehicle can reduce its value significantly.

What damage can not be worked on by PDR?

If there are sever creases in the dent and if the paint has been damaged we cannot fix it completely with Paintless Dent Repair but we can use PDR to “Push to Paint” so that we can finish the repair with our “Fill & Spray” system which reduces the cost and amount of filler usually used in this type of repair.

What do I have to do to set up an appointment?

Download our Free Instant Quotation App from Google Play or the App Store “DentPro” and try our Self Assessment function where you will receive an free instant quotation. You can then take a photo through the App and send it to us . We will assess the damage and give you a quote back through the App . If you are happy with our assessment and price you can simply click “Book Appointment” in the App and it will connect you to our call center to make a booking. Otherwise you can take you car to one of our locations and we will have an engineer assess your damage and arrange an appointment with you to have the damage repaired

How long can I expect the process to take?

Most Paintless Dent Repairs take between 30 minutes to 2 hours – depending on the degree of difficulty, some work can take as little as 15 minues. Appointments are scheduled at the customer’s convenience, usually within a few days of your initial assessment. Fill & Spray services normally take one day and you can avail of our free coutesy car facility.