DentPro | Service is amazing!
DentPro | Service is amazing!
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Service is amazing!

I went to work last Tuesday parked my car in the normal spot, came back to it and someone had drove into my car and went without leaving contact details..
I phoned the car dealer and I was quoted €425 for a new panel, I called DentPro and the price they gave me was too good to be true! I booked myself in at the next available time (I had to wait 8 days) but I can see why there was a waiting list.
The job that was done on my car is 2nd to none. I couldn’t recommend DentPro high enough. Absolutely excellent job on my car and my no claims bonus is still intact! Super job lads!
Hopefully won’t be having too many dealings with you, but your service is amazing!
George Tobin(FB)